Valentino Has A Fun Rubber Shopper For The Season

Valentino Rubber Shopping TotePHOTO COURTESY OF VALENTINO

It’s always a studded affair at Valentino’s, with the now-iconic One Stud, Roman Stud and Rockstud Spike line-up. These studs typically come in a metallic finish to bring out the house’s punk-rock sensibilities the best they can. But it isn’t always a shiny (and sometimes, heavy) affair when it comes to the pyramidal stud.

Valentino’s Le Troisième Rubber Shopping Bag is here to show you how it can be done differently. A neatly arranged row of studs is moulded into the rubber to create the 3D effect, a method that also allows the tote to remain lightweight.

And while it’s certainly not heavy in weight, the Le Troisième tote is definitely substantial in terms of style.

Measuring 40 cm by 25 cm, it doubles up as a roomy vessel to suit various needs. Whether you’re taking it with you to the grocery store or heading to the beach (it’s completely waterproof), the Le Troisième Rubber Shopping Bag makes an excellent companion.

Retailing at SGD2400, this oversized carryall comes in a single shade of Rose Cannelle. The delicate shade of light pink carries a slight beige tint when viewed from a different angle. The dual cut-out handles also retain the pyramidal stud detailing all over.

Valentino’s studded journey continues with the lightweight Le Troisième Rubber Shopping Bag, so it’s time to get in on the action if you’re a fan of the signature studs.

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