Thom Browne Fragrance Collection: 5 Things To Know

Thom Browne Unisex Fragrance CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF THOM BROWNE

Thom Browne isn’t just about fine tailoring and sharp cuts. The fashion house also offers a range of fragrances worth exploring, especially if you’re hunting for a unique olfactory experience. The collection comprises of six crisp unisex eau de parfums that centre around a custom vetyver accord.

Ranging from light to deep for different moods and times of the day, you can either wear the scents individually or layer as you please. Curious? Here are five things you need to know about Thom Browne’s fragrance collection.

01 – Their uniqueness begins with their serial number-style naming convention. The first reflects the designer’s birthday (09.27.65), followed by the numbers 01 to 05, ranging from the lightest to deepest.

02 – The headliner scent, simply labelled 09.27.65, is essentially Vetyver Absolute. This distinctive woody, nutty and earthy blend features the highest concentration of the line’s signature blend. Indeed, it is the truest form of the smoky ingredient that threads the collection together.

03 – Then comes a trio of light and fresh juices for the daytime. The woody aromatic 01 Cucumber brings together notes of cucumber, squash, lentisque, angelica and cedar.

Next, the citrus and green 02 Grapefruit is an infusion of zesty grapefruit and citron, spicy ginger, magnolia and suede.

Prefer something that’s fruity and floral? Catch a whiff of 03 Rose, which sees a heart of rose and chamomile enhanced by bergamot, pear and berries.

04 – For the night, you’ll find two warm and spicy alternatives that bring an edge. 04 Whiskey serves up a cocktail of whiskey, rum, oak tree and vanilla notes, while 05 Smoke combines balsam fir, nutmeg and pine together with vanilla and leathery dry down.

05 – The Vetyver Absolute retails at SGD300 for 40 ml and SGD380 for 75 ml, while the other perfumes in the range ring in at SGD250 for 40 ml and SGD300 for 75 ml. The EDPs are available at the Thom Browne boutique at Marina Bay Sands. Or shop online via the brand’s e-store, which offers shipping to Singapore.

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