This Basket Forty8 Bag From Fendi Is Pure Summer


If you haven’t visited Fendi Men’s at Level 2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, here’s a good reason to. Aside from being the first standalone men’s boutique in Southeast Asia, the newly renovated 123 sqm store stocks all-new goodies from the current Spring-Summer 2023 line-up.

From the compact Peekaboo ISeeU in five colours to ready-to-wear featuring the signature FF motif, plenty of pieces here will make your heart skip a beat. Another standout item is a new basket bag, simply known as the Basket Forty8.

At almost 48 cm wide (hence the name), the easy-breezy style offers lightweight appeal. It also has elements of the signature Peekaboo, such as the twist-lock frame and expandable side buttons. Except this time instead of leather, it uses recycled plastic with the geometric FF weave.

Some of you might recall that Fendi created a similar version for ladies several moons back. However, the size was tiny in comparison to this Basket Forty8 bag from the current menswear line. Not a fan of blue? The basket comes in a bright shade of orange as well.

While the unlined bag is meant to be a carryall, it also comes with a Cuoio Romano leather tie to keep the handles together if you prefer. The Basket Forty8, which is going for SGD1690, is an excellent choice for sunny summer days out and about.

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