Rugged Good Looks Meets Irreverent Style With Balenciaga’s 3XL Sneaker


Balenciaga consistently ranks high on the list of must-haves when it comes to sneakers. And for this season, they do not disappoint. The French fashion house has launched the 3XL Sneaker trainers that combines the rugged good looks with their trademark irreverent style.

The first thing that stands out is the exaggerated outsole that further enhances its extra wide silhouette. That’s bonus points for keeping your feet stable whenever you’re out and about. Better still, there are plenty of sizes (39 to 47 for men and 35 to 42 for ladies) on offer.

It features a unique mix of materials, including technical mesh and polyurethane, that creates a scale-like texture for visual interest. Together, they form a stretched patchwork detailing which encompasses the shoe’s entire upper. Complementary colour tones, such as red and yellow, fit right in line with the season’s hues. Of course, it’s also available in black and off-white for those who prefer the classics.

Aside from sporty-looking elasticised laces, Balenciaga also styles the sneakers with an extra set of plain laces in front. Do remove and keep them safe before wearing, as they might interfere with walking or running.

Priced at SGD1550 for both men and women, the 3XL Sneaker is a fitting addition to your shoe wardrobe today. Just head down to Balenciaga Marina Bay Sands or Paragon Shopping Centre to try them on.

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