Rimowa: 5 Easy Ways To Customise Your Luggage

Rimowa 5 Ways To Customise PHOTO COURTESY OF RIMIOWA

The heritage-inspired Rimowa Classic range is known for its leather handles, typically offered in black as part of the standard package if you buy the luggage as-is. But if you have always dreamed of putting your very own creative spin on your luggage, here’s your chance.

Thanks to an exclusive customisation service, you can now build and personalise the Cabin, Check-In or Trunk to your specifications. In total, there are five ways to consider, starting with choosing the desired luggage size based on your needs.

For short getaways or as extra carry-on, pick from the Cabin S (SGD1890) and Cabin (SGD1980) models. Then the bigger sizes for full-on travels comprise Check-In M (SGD2280), Check-In L (SGD2450) and Trunk (SGD2980). You also get to decide between the black and silver aluminium body, but note that black is currently not available for Cabin S and Check-In M sizes.

The next part is where the fun truly begins. Rimowa offers luggage tags in 10 new colours, so you can pick from brighter hues such as Clementine, Honey, Paprika and Ocean, just to name a few. This service also includes hot-stamping up to three alphanumeric characters of your choice.

Moving on, check out the full-grain leather handles, each of which comes in a set of two. Options like Cactus, Cognac, Emerald and Lagoon round up the exciting colour palette currently offered at Rimowa. These certainly add a fun pop of colour, making them stand out from the standard black leather handles.

Lastly, you can play around with the colour of the wheels. While the sides all come in a black coating, you can switch up the inner portion where the Rimowa logo currently sits. Colour choices comprise Cactus, Clementine, Emerald, Honey, Lagoon, Ocean and Paprika.

The other piece of good news? This customisation service can be done within 30 minutes in Singapore, and you can choose which bits to switch. Individual prices differ for the luggage tag (SGD110), pair of handles (SGD430) and the set of four wheels (SGD230). You also get to keep the original black pieces, so no worries if you ever change your mind (or want a backup set).

For more information, do visit RIMOWA.com


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