All You Need To Know About Dior’s Lady D-Joy


The Lady D-Joy is surely no stranger to you. But did you know that there are currently three official sizes for the horizontal (east-west) silhouette? There’s micro, the tiniest and newest of the family, while small now takes the middle slot. Lastly, the largest size available for the Lady D-Joy is medium.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all three sizes for a more concrete reference. Measuring 16 cm by 9 cm, the Micro Lady D-Joy showcases four Cannage motifs (three full and two halves on the sides) from east to west. Next, small has five full Cannage motifs spanning a 22 cm length and 12 cm height. At 26 cm by 13.5 cm, medium boasts six Cannage motifs (five full and two halves).

No matter your size preference, each Lady D-Joy comes with two rounded top handles and the accompanying D-I-O-R charms. Just like the original handbag Lady Diana carried. They also have two different straps, which is always great for switching styles once in a while. The short chain gives it a daintier look, while the leather sling offers a crossbody option for going hands-free.

Here’s a quick tip for the one everyone who loves scoring a great deal. The Micro Lady D-Joy with quilted heart motifs (instead of the usual circular Cannage) is priced slightly lower at SGD4400. It comes in colours like Latte and Red which are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day

On the other hand, the classic versions of the Micro Lady D-Joy in colours such as Black and Cloud Blue start from SGD4800. Whereas the small and medium Lady D-Joy retail at SGD6800 and SGD7200 respectively. Both also come in numerous seasonal and classic hues for your choosing.

Elegant, iconic and timeless, this horizontal format ticks all the right boxes from every angle. With this quick summary of all three sizes, hopefully this will help you make your decision on which Lady D-Joy has your heart.

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