Ace Your Game With Chanel’s Card-Themed SLGs


Chanel is playing all the right cards this season, with a charming selection of leather goods. If you love collecting extra hearts (as well as clubs, diamonds and spades), then check out some cheeky enamel embellishments on grained calfskin and lambskin SLGs.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a small accessory or vanity purse, these four options will capture your heart.

Firstly, the Zipped Coin Purse (SGD880) measures just 11 cm across and 7.5 cm tall. While there aren’t any designated slots within, this tiny accessory opens to reveal three accordion-style compartments. The smallest of the four is ideal for carrying cards, cash and coins.

Next, check out the Small Vanity With Chain (SGD3370), which comes in at 11 cm by 8.5 cm. The cuboid-shape SLG packs a lipstick holder and square mirror for minor touch-ups whenever you’re out and about. Unsurprisingly, this SLG is one of the most popular options in recent times.

If you fancy something bigger, there’s always the Vanity With Chain (SGD3780). The east-west horizontal format measures 17 cm by 9.5 cm. Not only is it wider and taller, but also features three card slots, so you won’t need an extra cardholder.

Finally, the biggest of the four is the Phone Holder With Chain (SGD4520). Measuring 18.5 cm wide and 10 cm high, it fits the #iPhone14 and the like. This grained calfskin (almost caviar-like) SLG is paired with a matching leather-interlaced gold-tone strap.

All four styles are part of #CHANELCruise, so go ahead and add extra love to your rotation today. Who needs to wear their heart on their sleeve when you can have them emblazoned onto your favourite Chanel SLGs?

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