Chanel: 5 Things To Know About The Première Original Edition Watch

Chanel Première Original Edition PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

Chanel’s watchmaking journey started in 1987 with the Première. Back then, it instantly charmed the world, thanks to signature elements adapted from its fashion and beauty and lines.

Its octagonal shape was an ode to the iconic N°5 perfume bottle, while its leather-interlaced chain strap gave it a dressy appeal.

35 years on, the original edition of the Première is finally making a return at Chanel. Here are five things you have to know about this iconic timepiece.

Chanel Première Original EditionPHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

01 – Created in 1987 by artistic director, Jacques Helleu, the Première made history with its fashionable codes. Originally designed for women’s wrists in an era dominated by male watches, the Première broke all the rules. Its elegant format allowed women to wear it fitted or draped ever so slightly like a bracelet.

02 – Taking inspiration from the stopper of the N°5 perfume bottle, its octagonal shape also made it an instant icon. Pairing with the Classic Handbag’s interwoven leather-and-chain strap, the Première is the definitive Chanel timepiece never goes out of style.

03The original Première came with a black lacquer dial encapsulated within the gold octagonal case. Without any Roman numerals, indices or date, the chic watch immediately earned top points for its minimalist appeal.

04 – Over the years, the Première was predominantly offered in full steel. However, this year sees the original edition making a return with a beautiful 18K yellow gold coating. Even on the crown and strap (yes, real gold), along with the entire 26.1 mm by 20 mm case.

05 – Retailing at SGD8850, the timepiece officially launched at Chanel boutiques on 1 October 2022. With high precision quartz movement and 30 m water resistance, the Première Édition Originale looks set to reign premiere again.

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