Yes, Hermès Now Sells Adhesive Tapes Too…

Hermès Petit h Adhesive Tapes PHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS>

Need proof that you can elevate almost anything if you tried hard enough? Look no further than the humble adhesive tapes that have turned up at Hermès.

You could say the French fashion house is really thinking out of the box with its Petit h line. This is especially when it comes to everyday objects, though the verdict is still out on the why. Fun and quirky, the cotton jersey tapes feature different equestrian motifs. For instance, the Chaine d’Ancre might be printed on one side, the other side being all sticky and all.

And as with all Petit h items, your purchase will be a surprise if you buy it online. This means you won’t know what colour/print you will be getting beforehand. It varies from order to order, depending on what is available. In Singapore, the tapes are available in two different widths, with the medium (SGD67) and large (SGD86) measuring 2 cm and 3.5 cm respectively.

The real question is what would you actually use it for, and will you pay for them?

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