Your Quick Refresher On Le Labo Fragrances’ Fresh Formulations

Le Labo Fresh FormulationsPHOTO COURTESY OF LE LEBO

You’ve chosen your favourite scent from one of the 18 fine fragrances Le Labo has to offer. What’s next? Besides getting a pre-blended bottle of cult favourites like Another 13 or Santal 33 right off the shelf, you can opt to get a Fresh Formulation of your selected scent that’s hand-blended on the spot at its in-store lab.

Crafted by trained lab technicians, or ‘souls’ as Le Labo calls them, each fragrance is measured, mixed and bottled right before your eyes. The process that encapsulates the brand’s wabi-sabi spirit takes approximately 10 minutes, and you can watch from behind a glass as your perfume comes to life.

You’ll also get to personalise your creation with up to 23 characters, which will be custom printed on a label and affixed on the bottle to make it truly yours. Next, all you have to do is wait.

Not being able to immediately spritz on a Fresh Formulation might be the hardest part of the experience. As with all good things that take time, it is recommended that you wait two weeks to two months for your perfume to macerate.

This lets the essential oils and ingredients equilibrate with its host and the longer you wait, the deeper a scent and more full-bodied it will become.

With time, slight olfactive evolutions may occur. And due to the high quality of the raw ingredients used, deposits and colouration may happen, especially with sweeter olfactive themes. But you’ll be glad to know that these do not alter the olfactive rendering and your signature scent remains safe to use.

Next comes perfume care. After all, these fine fragrances don’t come cheap and there’s much more to storing a fragrance than just putting its cap back on. You’ll want to store the clear glass bottle away from light and heat to ensure it remains authentic to its original intention.

At the bottom of the box it comes in, you’ll find a label highlighting its best before date, usually three years from the creation date. If you don’t plan on using it for a long time, you can opt to store your fragrance in the refrigerator to keep it fresher for longer.

When you’re done with your perfume, you can get it refilled, available at a discount, in all formats except the 15 ml.

Priced at SGD120 for 15 ml, SGD277 for 50 ml and SGD400 for 100 ml, they are available at Le Labo stores at L1-36 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and B1-31 Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Or if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, simply WA 8940-1126 for home delivery.

And if you can’t get enough of your favourite scent, you’ll be glad to know that a jumbo 500 ml (SGD1415) size is available in a stopper bottle, exclusively at their Marina Bay Sands store.

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