Slide Your Feet Into Balenciaga’s Cagole Sandal

Balenciaga Cagole Sandal IMAGE BY BAGAHOLICBOY

There’s something familiar about Balenciaga’s new Cagole Sandal. It could be the studded buckle detailing that reminds you of Giant Arena bracelets from seasons past, or the crinkled lambskin commonly found on Motorcycle bags, which most of you Balenciaga diehards still own even today.

Balenciaga has merged both elements (the signature hardware and Arena lambskin leather) and created the Cagole Sandal for you to slip on and step out in style.


It will come in three versions, starting with the 5 mm heel that’s frankly more of a slide than a sandal. The next two come with pointed heels, available in heights like 50 mm and 70 mm to give you a boost wherever you go.

No matter your choice, each pair has the same open-toe format with aged studs and Balenciaga’s signature buckle detailing on the strap.

The Cagole Sandal is crafted in full leather, with the Arena lambskin leather being the primary focus together with the smooth tone-on-tone leather insole.

Keen to find out about the colours? They range from classic black and white to brighter options in green and pink with aged-silver studs. Black also comes with gold-aged studs, so that’s another option to consider as well.

Prices start from SGD1050 for the 5 mm slide, and goes up to SGD1250 for the 50 mm and 70 mm heels. In other words, it’s time to dig out your Motorcycle bags and have it with these new sandals from Balenciaga.

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