Balenciaga X-Pander Sneaker


Move over, Triple S and Track, because Balenciaga’s got a brand new sneaker that looks set to turn heads for the season. Called the X-Pander, the avant-garde shoe is equipped with a suspended heel design to provide an extra cushion with every step, officially succeeding its predecessors as one of the most interesting designs launched by Demna to date. 

Attention to detail is of utmost importance when it comes to Balenciaga sneakers, so you will be able to find little elements all over the X-Pander. From the embroidered size at the back to the sporty B. logo in front, as well as multiple logos at the side and shoe tongue, it is truly a Balenciaga creation through and through, and for hardcore fans a definite must-have to add to their shoe collection.

While the mesh and nylon upper is deceptively simple, you can always go for the multi-coloured combinations like Burgundy/WhiteGreen/Silver and Yellow/Grey/Black if you love an eye-catching silhouette from afar. The X-Pander will come in Black and White as well, giving you a total of 5 different colours which are all up for pre-order right now. 

Priced at SGD1850 a pair, the sneaker can be pre-ordered via Balenciaga Singapore (call 3163-9996), with sizes ranging from 39 to 47, which roughly equates to US6 to US14 for an accurate fit. And if you’re wondering why the sneaker is named so, just look to its innovative spring mount on the sole, allowing the X-Pander to expand whenever you lift your foot to give it an extra 40 mm boost. And no, it has nothing to do with pandas.

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