Burberry: Meet The New Two-Tone Pocket Tote


Burberry has done it again with its latest rendition of the Pocket Bag, introducing subtle new tweaks and changes that make it even more covetable for the fans of the British luxury brand. Some of the key elements would be the wider base, a top zip closure, as well as a thicker shoulder strap, all presented in one revamped design coined the Pocket Tote that comes in two sizes, in small and in medium.

Not to be confused with the squarish-looking Pocket Bag, the Pocket Tote can be identified by its slight trapezoid silhouette, with much bigger proportions for both sizes, coming in at 31 cm by 29.5 cm and 37 cm by 34 cm respectively. The new size(s) will ensure that you can pack extra essentials within, with the Small Pocket Tote great for days out and about, and the Medium Pocket Tote making for a great carryall for work (you know, iPad and all). The top zip closure is also a plus if you’re a firm believer that it keeps your essentials secured, which is an add-on feature different from the original Pocket Bag.

The third difference (which could seal the deal for most) would be the thicker canvas shoulder strap that replaces the thin leather versions, thus sitting comfortably on the shoulder at all times. The Pocket Tote will be available in the classic Natural/Malt Brown for the small size (SGD2690), with a second version in Black coming in for the medium (SGD3150). You will be able to find them online for now, while the boutiques will only be getting their pieces later this year. And while the Pocket Tote might cost slightly more than the Pocket Bag, there are definitely more upgrades with a real difference that more than make up for it.

For more information, do visit BURBERRY.com


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  • Leanne Teoh says:

    Hi, I am keen to purchase the Burberry Pocket Bag in Mini. What do u think of the size? I have no time to pop down to the store, so thinking of buying online. How much stuff can I put in? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      The Pocket Bag Mini is really basic, so you will likely only fit in the bare essentials, small wallet, keys, lip balm etc etc. It is a grab-and-go size, so if you want something to hold more consider the larger sizes ok?

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