Rimowa Original Cabin Camouflage Collection


When you think of the word ‘camouflage’, you typically picture an item (or object) that’s perfectly hidden and blending into its surroundings. However, Rimowa’s latest Camouflage range seems to do the exact opposite, all thanks to an eye-catching print that sits beautifully on the brand’s striking aluminium case, coming in Green Camo and Pink Camo variations that are perfect for him and her.


Set to launch from 19 November 2020 in Singapore, the all-new Camouflage design is done using a special combination of aluminium anodising and surface treatments to allow the colour pigments to float on the alloy while giving it a metallic sheen for a bold and vibrant appearance. The entire process takes numerous hours to complete before the QC (quality control) team takes over to ensure that each luggage has been meticulously engineered to pure perfection.


You will be able to find it on the Original series and not the Classic (but if you want something new, you can always go for the stunning matte black ones), coming in the Cabin size that’s priced at SGD2360 each. Yes, they’re not exactly entry-level as far as Rimowa is concerned, but do take note that you’re getting three different colours on the aluminium surface, giving you a truly special piece that puts it a notch above the existing line-up of suitcases.

Above all, it comes with Rimowa’s premium aftercare service, as well as a 5-year guarantee with a global team that will be able to repair your case anytime, anywhere worldwide. Quality and design always go hand in hand, and you can count on Rimowa to deliver just that, even with the upcoming Camouflage that’s launching very soon. Having a staycation soon? Well, what are you waiting for?

For more information, please visit RIMOWA.com


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