Saint Laurent: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get The Monogram Bill Pouch


You’ve seen it popping up several times on this site and gone through all the colour and material options possible, but haven’t quite decided on one. You’ve procrastinated long enough to view them in person, and way too lazy to hit the link and do a self-checkout on Saint Laurent’s online store. Whatever the excuses (or reasons, if you prefer a less harsh word) you have for not getting the Monogram Bill Pouch, today’s post aims to change that.

01 – Looking for a wallet/pouch that’s large enough to hold your #iPhone11Pro Max, a 10-piece pack of antibacterial wipes, couple of cards, cash and coins? The Monogram Bill Pouch will be able to fit them all. Measuring 20 cm by 12 cm, it’s pretty amazing what this nifty little wonder can hold, and it even comes with a flat exterior pocket that’s great for storing that little bit more.

02 – The Grain de Poudre embossed leather is resistant to daily wear and minor scratches, which is great if you tend to get a little clumsy (or rough) with your SLGs. And if you prefer something different, you can also consider the newer reptile-embossed or tortoiseshell patent leather, as well as shiny versions like crocodile-embossed leather in Hot Pink and the Silver python-embossed leather which are priced slightly higher.

03 – Aside from materials, there are numerous colours for you to choose from, ranging from the classic hues like Black and Dark Legion Red to seasonal colours like Malachite Green. As for the hardware (YSL logo and zip), that comes finished in either gold or silver, depending on the leather colour you’ve chosen.

04 – Now, if you need help narrowing your choices down, just think of the existing bags and SLGs you currently own. You will want a piece that will get you the most mileage (in other words, something that you will actually use rather than keep as a display piece), so go with the colour that you’re most comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bright, bold Red or the the classic Black, so long as it’s something you will genuinely love (and actually use).

05 – The price has been increasing steadily in recent months, so it’s best you get one as early as you can before it raises again. The Monogram Bill Pouch currently starts from SGD540, with a smaller version (measuring 17.5 cm by 11 cm) going at SGD520. If you do a check with the previous blog posts, you will notice that the price has already been adjusted twice so far, so if you’ve always wanted one and do not wish to pay more in the future, just get it right now. A good selection is available online for your perusal, but the stores seem to be carrying newer colours that have not been released online, so do yourself (and the local economy) a little favour and purchase them at the boutiques if you can.


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