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Remember the times you were silently judged when you wore the Evelyne with the perforated H side facing outward? Or moments when you longed for a structured version of the Evelyne but only found it in relaxed, slouchy leathers? Well, the good news is that Hermès has a relatively unknown version known as the Evelyne Sellier, and you will be able to find one on its online store by visiting the link here.

The main difference lies in the fact that it’s constructed from Hunter cowhide, a 100% vegetable-tanned leather that’s known for its hard-wearing qualities which will maintain a structured shape over time. While it’s predominantly found on fastening cords and straps (due to its strength and resilience) in the equestrian world, Hermès has fashioned the material for its signature Evelyne bag, transforming it into a gorgeous piece that’s one for the ladies (or men) who appreciate true luxury and quality. The smooth body means that only the finest leather can be chosen for this piece, and Hunter cowhide is known for its satin-like sheen that will look better over time.

Just like how Kelly bags come in Sellier versions as well, the Evelyne Sellier is thus known as the rigid alternative to the evergreen Evelyne III, and the differences do not end there. The classic Evelyne III comes with the perforation that’s meant to be worn against the body, which makes perfect sense considering the opening mechanism is found on the other side. The Evelyne Sellier, on the other hand, comes with a simple-to-pull leather tab, which can be found on the same side that features the contemporary-looking H-diamond logo. In other words, you can wear your bag with the Hermès logo as proudly shown, without the need to actually hide it anymore.

Priced at SGD8600, the Evelyne Sellier is by no means chump change, but if you’ve always wanted to stand out from the crowd and prefer a more luxurious leather, then this could just be the one for you. Measuring 33 cm by 31 cm, it’s also comparable to the bigger GM size that’s now available in a gorgeous Fauve colour.


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