Gabriela Hearst Nostalgia Bag


If you find Gabriela Hearst’s latest bag somewhat familiar, you’re not entirely wrong. On first look, you might liken it to a miniature version of the Patsy Bag (a lunchbox-inspired bag dedicated to the women who bravely stepped into the workforce during the war era), but there are clear differences between the two. For one, the Nostalgia Bag comes with a single lock closure and is significantly narrower in terms of width, measuring just 10 cm wide. But its height more than makes up for its breadth, standing tall and chic at 19 cm, finished with a single top handle that can be worn on the wrist or at the elbow like a beautiful handbag.

The differences do not end there, because the Nostalgia Bag comes with a cool feature that makes it extra special. Look below, and you will find a knob, one that can be manually wound to play the song Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster whenever you unlock the bag and lift open the top flap. Yes, the bag is also a music box, which makes it so nostalgic and hence the name, and a beautiful reminder of Gabriela’s childhood memories. The turn-lock closure also comes with coloured stone, such as blue lapis paired with the bag in Black and marble found on the Burgundy and Navy.

How do you go about getting your hands on one? Well, you can hit the link here to view the Nostalgia Bag (USD4200) in all 3 colours. Once you’ve chosen one (or two if you like), you can place an online inquiry, and a personal shopper will reach out to you to complete the process. Shipping is an additional USD100 to Singapore, but there’s currently no other way for now. And if the heart wants what the heart wants, you know what to do.


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