NET-A-PORTER: 3 New K-beauty Brands To Check Out



If you’re looking to boost your skin health with a new arsenal of beauty products, good news because there’s a new wave of niche K-beauty labels to shop. And while these brands may have been flying under the radar fora while now, they have just become all the more accessible and you’ll find them just a click away over at NET-A-PORTER.

01 – Femmue

This luxury skincare brand that’s inspired by the energy of flowers delivers natural formulas and an indulgent experience. The products are engineered with the latest innovations in modern botanical cosmetics and offer what it calls ‘flower therapy’ for the skin by not only harnessing the antioxidant and healing properties of blooms, but also their colours, scents and textures.

Cult favourites include the Gypsy Rose Calming Mask (USD46) that regulates skin’s oil production, deep cleanses, minimises the appearance of pores and hydrates, and the Lumière Vital C Serum (USD100) that contains a cocktail of antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients for that effortless glow.

02 – Neogen

If you’re on the hunt for natural skincare backed by cutting-edge science, this brand would be it. Its clinically tested products are developed based on dermaceutical research, formulated with patented technology and created with thoughtfully sourced natural ingredients.

Must-tries include the Real Ferment Micro Essence (USD54) that brightens and locks in moisture, as well as preps skin to better receive the serums and creams used after. There’s also the Bio-Peel Gentle Gauze PeelingGreen Tea Pads (USD34 for 30 pads), one of its most popular products, that gently exfoliates, hydrates, unclogs pores and soothes irritation.

03 – Venn

Leave your 10 step skincare routine at the door because Venn, a brand built on over 20 years of skincare research and innovation, is all about streamlining the process by replacing unnecessary steps with products that deliver multiple benefits with minimal effort. Case in point: its hero product, the multifunctional Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate (USD188), which replaces your toner, essence, serum and moisturiser.

What’s else is buzzing? The Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum (USD117) that tackles a multitude of concerns from dehydration to dullness. It’s packed with 34 natural botanicals and essential oils that are fermented for nearly a week for amplified delivery and performance. Its inspiration? A 400-year-old time-tested skincare prescription from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty which the brand has modernised.


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