Fauré Le Page Coin Case & Card Case


You won’t be able to find these cases on Fauré Le Page’s website, which is why seeing them in pictures online can get confusing, especially when you can’t visualise or figure out the differences between the two. But no worries because this post is here to do all that for you.


In Singapore, the smaller case is referred to as the Coin Case, but in Paris, this nifty little number is affectionately known as the Condom Case. That’s because the 7 cm by 7 cm case can safely (no pun intended) store 2 to 3 condoms when it’s fully loaded (again, no pun intended). Alternatively, you can use it to keep coins, keys, or even your banking token, the choice is yours. Creative minds who use it to store credit cards and the like have found no trouble as well, though it’s preferred that cards and such go into the bigger Card Case on the right, one that’s equipped with an extra leather ‘spine’ that will keep the plastic neatly within. If you still have trouble distinguishing the two, look closely and you will notice that the Coin Case comes with 4 rows of the Ecailles scale motif, while the Card Case has 5 rows.

Priced at SGD290 and SGD340 for the Coin Case and Card Case respectively, they do come in 4 different colours like Black, Burgundy, Green and Navy, all of which are available at Fauré Le Page’s new standalone boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. And while the Coin Case is temporarily sold out for the moment (more stocks will come in a week or so), the Card Case is still available. In other words, go.


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  • Sumo says:

    Hi there. I just went to check out the coin and cardbholder. They are indeed out of stock, but the prices listed on your blog is different from what they quote me. Are the prices here correct?

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