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Not to be confused with the Kelly Relax of seasons past, Hermès’ 24/24 bag is a relatively new design which made its debut in the brand’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection. And although its trapezoid bag silhouette might share similarities with both the Birkin and Kelly, there are key differences that make the 24/24 stand out on its own, like a thicker and wider top handle that’s easier on the arm, as well as an upsized twist lock closure that’s quite the standout.

The most significant difference? The 24/24 comes with a slouchy body that gives it extra character, furnished with a roomy interior that will hold a good day’s worth of essentials. And because it can get a little messy throwing everything within, you can opt to add a Fourbi bag insert which some of you are currently using for your Birkin and Kelly bags.

Now, on to sizes, the 24/24 comes in 29 or 35, which measure 29 cm by 27 cm and 35 by 32.5 cm respectively. The one in 29 comes with two rings at the back, with an additional shoulder strap so you can sling it easily over the shoulder, while the 35 is meant to be carried like a simple top-handle handbag. As for the colours, there are the classic hues in Black and Gold, with a number of designs coming in bi-colour combinations like Bleu Nuit/Noir, Bordeaux/Rouge H, as well as Vert Olive/Vert Bronze above that’s paired with gorgeous GHW.

And while the 24/24 comes in various colour and material options, it isn’t readily available in the boutiques. How much you may ask? Prices start from SGD14,000 for 24/24 29 in Togo, which is more than made up for by its make, the amount/kind of leather used and how robust this bag is overall.


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