#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: Smaller Than Small – Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton & Saint Laurent


Archaeological digs in the distant future by what’s left of mankind (or aliens for that matter) might say that the people of 2019 had literally nothing to carry around, judging by what’s currently trending on the market. Smaller than small, no, even smaller than that, seems to to be the mantra these days, with bags (if you could even call them that) barely being able to hold anything. Take, for example, the new Le Petit Chiquito (USD258) by Jacquemus that holds virtually nothing, Louis Vuitton’s Lipstick Case that can fit one lipstick exactly (or a roll of cash, if you so please) and the Silver Mirror Minaudiere Bag (SGD2630) by Saint Laurent that’s no bigger than a cigarette box.

Smaller than smaller than small. Will they get even smaller? Only time will tell.


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