Louis Vuitton Bandoulière Shoulder Straps


Just how do you know when a fashion accessory isn’t just a passing fad? For one, it should withstand the test of time and possess the ability to return season after season in exclusive designs and prints. Two, when it comes readily available in the house’s iconic patterns and hues, you know that it has officially turned into a classic piece that will remain in the brand’s lineup for years to come.

And that’s Louis Vuitton’s Bandoulière for you, one that was introduced some 3 years ago as a fun accessory to attach onto bags like the Alma, the City Steamer or the Speedy Bandoulière, giving it a different look from the pre-existing straps the bag currently comes with. Consider this an update to the post that was covered awhile back over here which some of you might have missed out on, with a look at 4 new designs that have recently arrived across all Louis Vuitton boutiques.

The first of which is the Monogram Canvas/Rose Ballerine (SGD720) with silver-toned hardware that’s the most classic of the four, featuring the brown monogram print on one side with the other coming in delicate pink Epi leather. The second design features the season’s hottest print, the XL Monogram (SGD900) motif, made from a sturdy coated canvas that’s available in either Khaki or Rouge, sure to fly off the shelves in no time at all.

Rounding up the lot is one that the boys can pull off equally well. The Black/Monogram Canvas (SGD800) strap comes in a smooth black leather emblazoned with a white Louis Vuitton logo, contrasted with a Monogram Canvas on the flip side if you ever wish to switch to the classic side. Note that all 4 straps measure 90 cm long with a width of 4 cm that’s great for carrying casually off the shoulder, or across the body if you’re petite enough. In addition, each strap is completely reversible, which means you are technically getting two looks for the price of one.


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