Palm Angels Leather Padlock Bag


Surprise surprise, just when you thought that Palm Angels was done releasing its iconic Padlock Bag in almost every colour imaginable, they have announced an all-new version for its upcoming Fall-Winter 2019 release, one that’s rendered entirely out of leather.

While the measurements stay exactly the same, coming in at 22 cm wide and 18 cm high, the bag now comes in full leather, finished with a Palm Angels logo and visible seams running across (and over at the sides) in a contrasting white finish. Aside from its interesting silhouette, what makes the Padlock Bag a runaway success has got to be the number combination lock at the side that actually functions as its opening and closing mechanism. Yes, that 3-digit combination you typically find in your suitcases (or rather, padlock) is placed on an everyday handbag that’s absolutely fun, but not exactly frivolous considering you can actually lock it up safe from prying hands.

Priced at EUR751 (or SGD1180 after conversion), it is priced higher than its predecessors, but that can be easily attributed to the fact that it’s rendered in full leather rather than PVC. The new extra thick leather shoulder strap is also a nice touch, one that can be hooked onto your other bags if you so wish to. Getting excited? You can get in early and do a pre-order right now on Palm Angels’ e-store, which does international shipping to Singapore for an additional EUR30.


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