Moynat Réjane Duet 23


Think of Moynat, and the first bag that immediately comes to mind would be the Réjane, a design that was inspired by the original made for actress Gabrielle Réjane by Pauline Moynat, the founder of Moynat. Revived by artistic director Ramesh Nair when the French luxury brand relaunched 8 years ago in 2011, this sleek top-handle bag comes with a number of beautiful features, from the Art Deco-inspired front metallic clasp to the uniquely curved silhouette that’s cut and moulded to pure perfection.


Taking approximately 20 hours to construct by a single skilled artisan, dedication to the craft includes having the bag’s edges painted and waxed 8 times to a flawless, polished finish. Today, an all-new size, the Réjane 23, joins the existing 3 (BB, PM and Regular, which you can read about over here).

A size that sits between the BB (or Mini, that measures 20 cm) and PM (also known as the Petite that comes in 26 cm), the Réjane 23 is perfect for those who want it bigger but still not that big. A very specific size, it is one created to carry just enough for a day whilst still satisfying the need to have a small enough bag that’s adorable yet functional.

Armed with a canvas strap for a casual touch (which is also very on-trend right now), the Réjane 23 has a variation known as the Duet, bi-coloured options to give it a pop of contrast in the unexpected places. Under the handle, the base of the bag, underside of the flap and over on the strap, with 2 colours currently available in Singapore, the Peacock/Capucine (a deep blue contrasted with orange details) and the Tourtelle/Mint (a witty combination of a neutral classic with a surprising twist).

Priced at SGD6800, do remember that you are paying for a finely crafted piece of workmanship that’s rare amongst many luxury brands these days, with interiors finished as beautifully as it looks on the outside. Available at Moynat boutiques in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre), all you need to do is to head down and examine it for yourself.


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