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Looking for a good set of classic yet hardy wallets you can count on for years to come? One that’s more than satisfactory when it comes down to both form and function? Well, have you checked out Goyard’s Matignon collection yet? A trio of SLGs that both men and women can use, all 3 feature coated-canvas bodies topped with leather trim as well as the zip-around closure that goes three quarters around the piece. What does that mean, though? Ease of use, which also means easier access to the contents within.

Starting with the smallest of the trio, there’s the Matignon Mini that opens to a single compartment. Good for loose change, some folded notes and maybe a key or two, it is priced at SGD860 and SGD1110 respectively for the regular colours (Black & Black/Tan) and the special hues (everything else).

The next size up would be the Matignon PM, your six-slot cardholder that’s a little taller (and wider) than the former. Priced at SGD1110 and SGD1440 respectively, this would be the better bet for those who need a card-sized SLG that’s a tad more functional.

Then there’s the Matignon, the largest of the lot that can hold much much more. With 8 card slots, 4 bill compartments and even a zip pocket that runs the centre of the long wallet, you can literally bring everything out with you. Priced at SGD1600 and SGD2080 respectively, they will also make great Christmas gifts. In other words, time to head down to Goyard at Takashimaya Shopping Centre to shop to your heart’s content.


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