Cartier Juste un Clou SM Bracelet


Bigger and thicker (no, not what you’re thinking here) isn’t always better, because some people just can’t take the girth (again, not what you’re thinking). So what is this post referring to? Well, Cartier’s iconic Juste un Clou that now comes in a new slimmer size that’s known as the SM. You see, while the previous ones were fancy and all, many considered them to be too thick, and on a typically petite Asian wrist, it just doesn’t sit as well.

First created in the 1970s, the Juste un Clou created waves in the jewellery world for its appropriation of an ordinary (and unexpected) object, the humble nail. Over time, the avant-garde piece carried with it a unisex appeal worn by men and women, with the toolbox essential rendered in precious 18K gold growing to become a Cartier icon in its own right.


Enter the Juste un Clou SM, which comes in a much slimmer profile than its predecessor. Smaller is also better in this case because while the originals can cost up to 10 grand, these thinner ones are almost half the price, coming in at SGD4250 for either pink or yellow gold. And with sizes measuring from 15 cm all the way to 19 cm, there should be something for everyone. Built with an all-new flex system that makes it easy to slide on or off the wrist, just layer it on with your other wrist candy and you’re good to go.


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