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Change isn’t easy. No one likes change. But because change is the only constant in a world where nothing stays static, so must fashion whether one likes it or not. And while some of you are still in mourning over the missing é whilst others are rubbing your hands in glee, this post isn’t going to be about that. Instead, this post will be about the new Medium Triomphe that will be released along with the new 16 and the C bags come November 2018.


So what was it about Celine’s Triomphe that made it the first one to be properly showcased here? For one, that gold-tone hardware clasp which according to Google is known as the Blazon Chaine, which founder Celine Vipiana found inspiration from Paris’ Arc de Triomphe back in 1973. Two skinny Cs separated by a more intricate design in the middle, it was used liberally all the way till the brand saw a change in its creative head in 2008. And now, it’s back.

Measuring 22 cm by 16.5 cm, the easiest way to give you a better idea of how it looks is just to compare it to the Classic. When put side by side, the Classic is slightly shorter (and looks a tad more squat) compared to the Triomphe’s slimmer and taller profile. You could even say this is the ‘more is more’ version of the Classic.

Priced at SGD4950 and available in 5 colours (Amazone, Black, Light Burgundy, Nude and Red) come launch day, it is definitely different from what we’d usually expect from the French luxury house, but hand on heart at least it is not bad either.


One more thing. Spot the difference now?


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