Hermès: For The Finer Things In Life


The Parisian luxury house that we all know and love isn’t just about lush leather goods and perfectly shaped orange boxes. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a total fan of the latter, but what I’m trying to highlight is the fact that Hermès has an even wider range of items in its lineup that includes precious jewellery in full gold, some even laced with diamonds. Case in point? Your favourite leather Collier de Chien bracelet has a full gold version (yes, the leather strap rendered in full gold), with thinner alternatives that you can slide around and stack up on your wrist.

Now, before you search Google in disbelief (it’s true), turn your attention to Hermès’ signature Chaine d’Ancre, which is also the subject of today’s post. A shape iconic to the house and said to be inspired by anchors and vessels, the Chaine d’Ancre is found in a wide number of Hermès products including bracelets, necklaces, and even as a print on dinnerware plates, with its roots dating back to the 1930s (yes, before you and I were born). Fast forward to 2017, the Chaine d’Ancre has evolved even further with the Chaine d’Ancre Punk resembling that of a humble safety pin, but given Hermès’ eclectic twist. Said twist can be found in the uniquely shaped jewellery pieces that start from the modest sterling silver pieces, right up to the ones coming in precious materials like gold and diamonds that’s perfect for the individual on the hunt for the finer things in life.

There’s no better way to sum up our favourite Chaine d’Ancre Punk pieces than assemble them together in the form of a snow angel, which you see above. Decoding the Snow Angel is simple. For starters, both sides of the wings feature the exact same piece – that is, the Chaine d’Ancre Fringe Brooch that’s rendered in white gold and embellished with diamonds all over. The angel’s body? Well that’s part of the Chaine d’Ancre Punk necklace that comes in rose gold with even more diamonds. As for the head and halo, they are essentially Chaine d’Ancre-shaped pieces that also double up as a scarf ring or attach to your favourite bag like a cute charm.

Gorgeous doesn’t quite cut it in describing these solid jewellery pieces from Hermès, who continues to push the boundaries further, appealing to those searching for the precious things in life. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I say, wrap the gold and diamond jewellery Chaine d’Ancre Punk pieces in a beautiful Hermès box and take them home with you. It will be more than just a best friend. It will be your truest love for life.

Image: @walnutcrust for Bagaholicboy

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