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Because we all want what we can’t have, here are two new ones from Gabriela Hearst that we can add to that list. Simply known as Jane and Ella (they are sisters, if you must know), they have also stolen our hearts with their beautifully-shaped pleats that opens up like an accordion once you undo the clasp. Finished with a top handle, the bag has a roomy enough body that’s good for most of your essentials, though you’ll be hard pressed if you try fitting in an iPad. It’s big enough, but it’s not a workhorse, more a ladies-who-lunch type of bag that won’t look out of place on the tea table with pots of overpriced camomile served with tiny jars of exotic honey.


Known as ‘sisters’ because of their identical shape that only differs in size, Ella is the elder sis that measures in 33 cm by 20 cm, while smaller Jane comes in at 30.5 cm by 19 cm. Available in gorgeous hues like Black, Burgundy and Navy that’s finished with custom rose-gold hardware, the only problem with Gabriela Hearst is this. Their bags are almost impossible to get anywhere, and even on their online site you’re supposed to add your name to the list and wait. Yes ladies, like we mentioned earlier, we all want what we can’t have, and this should only make the heart grow fonder. So, what would it be? Is this a yay, or nay, for you?

Images: Gabriela Hearst

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