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Yes, folks, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or not visited Orchard Road for the longest time, you would already know that Singapore’s very own Apple Store officially opens tomorrow (27 May 2017) at 10 in the morning. There will be queues, it will be crowded, but here are 10 things to know about Apple Orchard Road that will make you head down anyway.

#1Apple Orchard Road (at 270 Orchard Road) is Singapore’s (and South-East Asia’s) first Apple Store.

#2 – 237 Apple employees have worked tirelessly to open the store to the public tomorrow, and many of them are definitely qualified to assist you with any Apple-related questions (or issues) you might have. Looking for something new to continue your Apple obsession? They will gladly help as well.

#3 – One of the most stunning features of Apple Orchard Road? The pair of curved Castania stone staircases at either side of the store that were reportedly hand-carved and modelled after Apple Park (shown above). Also slated to be Singapore’s most Instagrammed staircase ever. Really.

#4 – Besides the curved staircases, you’ll also be greeted with towering trees. 8 outside the store, 4 on Level 1 and another 12 on Level 2. Why? Ask the Apple guys, they’ll know.

#5 – And if you feel like taking a break after all that shopping, you’re more than welcome to sit under these trees that come with their own curved leather seats. The leather is apparently from Hermès, which also means your booty is in for a treat.

#6 – As you approach the massive store, you’re first greeted by the stunning glass facade that’s almost 37 m long, with each pane of glass reaching 14 m in height. Wonder how much their monthly cleaning bill will cost.

#7 – In the middle of the store on Level 2, you’ll find a cluster of wooden stools and leather seats facing a huge screen that’s surrounded by the 12 trees I mentioned earlier. It’s Apple’s vision of a modern-day town square, where Apple-loving folks can gather to communicate, share and of course, get happy on Instagram.

#8 – There’s a whole slew of events happening this weekend, from live art demos to musical performances. There’s also a photowalk happening on Sunday, so head down, check the schedule and take part.

#9On top of everything that’s happening this weekend, there will also be free hands-on mini classes on everything you need to know about Apple products. Like did you know that your iPhone7 can be programmed to become a magnifying glass? #mindblown

#10 – And yes, you can buy everything Apple at Apple Orchard Road, from Apple products to complementary gadgets like drones, speakers and the like. You can even get the new iPhone8. No, I kid. Really. For that we’ll all have to wait a little longer.

Image: Bagaholicboy

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