Nokia: The Return Of The 3310


If you’re like me (and by me I mean old enough), you’ll have no problem remembering Nokia’s 3310, which we all had back then when we were carefree and young. There wasn’t Instagram back then, no Snapchat or Twitter, no Facebook even and all we really used our Nokia phones for was to actually call or SMS one another and play Snake.

Selling almost 126 million phones since it was launched in 2000 (yes, that’s a good 17 years ago), Nokia-branded phone maker HMD will be selling the new 3310 phones this year, tentatively priced at EUR49 a pop. And in keeping with the phone’s original functions, you still won’t be able to do much on these new handsets. There’s a 2-megapixel camera, a microSD slot, even the game we all played (yes, Snake) will be back but this time in full colour. And that’s pretty much it really.

Yes, you’ll enjoy up to 22 hours of talk time and be allowed to do the most basic of web surfing, but for those who are now accustomed to powerful smartphones of today, this might literally be 10 steps back. Still, it’s a good phone for the young and I suppose, the old, who just need a basic phone to make calls on a day to day basis. Plus it’s pretty, that nostalgic shape given a makeover of sorts with 4 fresh hues. No word yet if we are getting them in Singapore though, especially with our government phasing out the 2G network by the end of this year. Because (and correct me if I am wrong) this is a 2G phone, right?

Image: Nokia

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