The Park-Ing Ginza X Porter Tote


One would think, with the years one has been blogging about bags, one would have seen them all. Well, all that has changed (yet again) with this, the The Park-Ing/Ginza X Porter Tote. A limited edition special by world-renowned designer Hiroshi Fujiwara who counts the The Park-Ing Ginza and The POOL aoyama as his pet projects, this large distressed canvas/denim tote is wrapped with plastic for a bag that’s not only ‘waterproof’ on the outside, but is something that only die-hard fanboys can truly appreciate.

Priced at EUR515 and available now via Colette, you can choose between the one in Black/Green (shown above) or another in Black/Red. And if you’re a true fanboy (or fangirl), Colette also stocks some of the other collaboration items that range from tees to zip pouches in a wide variety of colours.

Image: Colette

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