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I’ll tell you all a secret. Way before I was Bagaholicboy, way before I even started working in the real world, I was a collector. Well, more accurately, a hoarder. I would collect stuff in phases, with my first real obsession being Swatch watches. Yes, those fun plastic watches that were really cool way back was I was a wee lad. In other words, before Barbie dolls and Madonna memorabilia (do you see a pattern here?), there was Swatch.

And it wasn’t just regular Swatch watches I would collect hoard. There would be limited editions for Easter, limited editions for Christmas. My favourite was something called Eggs Dream Easter from 1992, where the watch came in a bright yellow metal egg. Then there was Christian Lacroix’s 1994 X’mas extravaganza that was limited to just 22,222 pieces. I had both. In fact I had almost 200 pieces in all, scrimping all my allowance and money from part-time jobs (much to my Mum’s annoyance, of course) to buy that next much sought-after and coveted piece.

Along the way though, my interest fizzled, partly because I started obsessing over other things to collect hoard. But one thing I never forgot about Swatch was how affordably fun it all was, these bright and colourful plastic watches that besides telling time, always brought a smile to my face. Oh, the memories…


Which brings us to today’s post. Yes, Swatch is still around, still affordable, and of course, still fun. And with the new unisex Pop Swatch watches (starting from just SGD114 each, by the way) from their latest collection, they are quite multi-functional too. Besides functioning as a wrist watch, you can wear it like a pocket watch (I think you can buy the chain separately), and even hang it up on the wall like a clock (with the base sold separately).

Will it replace my obsession with the J12, Cartier’s new Drive or even my collection of Montblanc watches? Of course not. But for old times’ sake, and the whole idea of it being fun and fuss-free, I just might pick up a few new ones soon. Just don’t let my Mother know.

Image: Swatch

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