Kate Spade New York #GETGIFTED Holiday 2015 Collection


‘She’s the group paparazzo,’ says one. Another goes, ‘She switches between paper and plastic.’ ‘In an ideal world, she’d carry a present everyday,’ goes a third. Yes, these are but just some of Kate Spade-isms that have been created to celebrate the holiday season, and besides being fun witty gems, also provide many gift ideas as far as your loved ones and friends are concerned.


So what do you pick from Kate Spade this holiday season? Well, lots apparently, from card holders that come speckled in glitter or confetti dots (SGD90 each) to 2 bags that keep giving every day, especially when they look like presents themselves. Known as the Slim Gift Box Clutch (SGD620), the 32 cm wide clutch comes adorned with its very own gold bow, good for a laugh and those nights when you need to dress up a little, of course.


For the girlfriend who’s always on Instagram (don’t we all have one or two of those in our lives?), you could get her the following. Firstly, a new iPhone6 case (SGD70), because the one she has now is too grubby from shooting with her mobile phone whilst stealing bites off the croissant, the Camera Crossbody (SGD690) to remind her that you support her obsession (hey, if you can’t beat them, you join them, right?), or if the budget doesn’t permit, the adorable Camera Keychain which comes in at just SGD90. Or the Goreski ones, cute too, no?

For more cute gift ideas that won’t break the bank but still keep the friendship intact, head over to Kate Spade online where they now ship to Singapore as well. Prices are in SGD, so it’s the same whether you head to their physical stores here or shop online. #GETGIFTED

Images: Kate Spade

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