Charles & Keith Marble-Print iPhone6 Cases

charles_keith_marble-print-iphone6-cases It all started some months back when Charles & Keith sent me this iPhone6 case, which while beautiful (then again, anything marble-print is beautiful, no?) wasn’t like anything else I owned previously. Unlike the ones I bought that came with hard plastic shells, this one was unusually pliable, which at first I thought was odd. Than I began to use it (and it has been my go-to case ever since) and realised that because it was ‘soft’, it was easy to remove which made cleaning my iPhone easier, and because it wasn’t made of a hard plastic, actually provided better grip, a boon since I’m famous for dropping my phone for no reason at all (I’m blaming that on my clumsy gene).

Available in two colours, here are the important details you need to note. Launching tomorrow in Singapore at Charles & Keith stores islandwide, you can pick up the iPhone6 or the iPhone6Plus case in white marble print. Better yet, they are cheap too, priced at SGD16.90 and SGD19.90 respectively.

The only downside? Because it’s made of softer plastic (and I’m guessing here), the one I’m using has turned slightly yellow, which is a little irritating for those of you like me who like everything pristine. In other words (and what I’ll do myself), I’ll just get a couple at a go so I’ll have a spare later on to change into.

Image: Charles & Keith

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