Balenciaga Cutout Leather Tote

balenciaga_cutout-leather-tote While I’m still debating whether this reminds me of an architectural wonder or the side of a farmyard barn, there’s no denying the Balenciaga Cutout Leather Tote‘s interesting looks, the leather cut with slits that resemble stripes forming the exterior of the tote that measures some 48 cm by 26 cm.

Lined with a canvas pouch that sports a zipped pocket, the whole thing can also be removed from the tote if ever more space was needed. Priced at GBP1215 and now available online via Net-A-Porter, it also comes in a slightly smaller size for those who want it adorable and petite.

Also, is it just me or all the new bags from Balenciaga getting a tad better? Thoughts?

Image: Net-A-Porter

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