BAGAHOLICBOY: Bag Care 101 - 8 Quick Leather Bag Care Tips



So you finally caved and bought yourself that coveted designer bag after many months of scrimping and saving. Now to ensure it brings you joy and happiness for years to come, here are some quick tips. And while it may sound like common sense to some, it is true that many do not know how to properly care for these precious commodities.

Leaving it hanging on a hook behind the door or squashed under the bed is hardly an advisable storage option. Nor is storing it in a glass case with a spotlight shining on it. Here are eight basic tips to help you prolong the life of your leather bag.

01 - Never store your leather goods in its original box.
Due to intense humidity, storing your leather bag in its original box doesn’t bode well. With all the heat trapped within, it won’t be long before mould arrives. Always keep in mind that leather is organic, and keeping it wrapped up does not allow it to ‘breathe’ naturally.

02 - Keep the dust bag handy.
 If, however, you don’t want your bag to get dusty, you could place the dustbag over your precious on the shelf. Or use the dustbag as a bag stuffer, after filling it with freshly scrunched-up butter (or waxed) paper. Never use old newspapers, or any other fillers you don’t know the origin of, just to be safe.

03 - Protect the bits too.
Always remember to cover any dangly charms in tissue when keeping it away, or they may end up accidentally scratching the bag. And before wrapping, do wipe them down with a soft dry cloth to remove moisture, stains and dirt. This will prevent tarnishing faster than they might otherwise.

04 - Store your bags in a cool, dry place.
This may seem like common sense, but you know what they say about common sense. Best thing you can do? Find the darkest, coolest place you can find within your apartment (usually your wardrobe) and place them on a shelf.

Avoid heat, humidity and direct sunlight at all costs. Better yet, get a dry box and store them all within for complete peace of mind.

05 - Never overload your bag.
Since leather is organic, overloading the bag only adds stress to the skin. What happens if you do? The handles (if they are leather) start to stretch over time, while the bag’s body promises to deform.

In other words your square tote will turn into a rectangle before you know it. If it wasn’t meant to carry a laptop, don’t abuse it.

06 - When in doubt, ask.
Always ask the brand’s SA for proper care tips, something all properly trained staff would (and should) know. Have them recommend a suitable leather conditioner or cleaner, and check if they are able to receive your bag if it needs to be refurbished or cleaned. Some brands do it for free while others charge a small fee.

07 - Avoid contact with other leathers and jeans.
Colour transfer is one of the most common boo-boos that happen, especially with leather bags in light shades. Avoid contact with jeans. They are the worst when it comes to colour transfers.

And if it does happen, bring it back to the brand immediately. Do not attempt any cleaning unless you are supremely confident of saving it.

08 - Different leathers, different strokes.
Because patent leather is not calfskin and suede is not exotic leather, different leathers demand different care methods.

You can clean and condition plain leathers (calfskin and lambskin) with a good leather conditioner. There are sprays that protect suede, while a soft brush can help remove dirt and dust.