Roar Into The Year Of The Dragon With Fauré Le Page’s LE Capsule

Fauré Le Page Dragon Scale CapsulePHOTO COURTESY OF FAURÉ LE PAGE

As Mariah Carey goes back into deep freeze till next Christmas, the Year of the Dragon awaits, signalling an auspicious season full of vitality, power and good fortune. While shopping malls begin to shimmer with Lunar New Year decorations, fashion brands unleash fiery interpretations for the season. Among the first to ignite these flames is Fauré Le Page’s limited-edition Dragon Scale collection.

Fauré Le Page Dragon Scale CapsulePHOTO COURTESY OF FAURÉ LE PAGE

The canvas steals the spotlight by blending the cool Parisian Blue Scale motif with a fiery red. Think of it as a bold interplay between fire and ice. Its unique duality guarantees to be a conversation starter during the upcoming festive gatherings.

Expect to find a solid collection comprising sleek SLGs and an assortment of bags to help you express your individuality. Firstly, the Etendard 4CC Cardholder and Etendard 6CC Wallet come with red and blue leather trimmings. Then a bold dragon embroidery brings mini bags from the Etendard Pochette Zip 27 to the Take It Easy Phone 10 to life.

The popular Take It Easy 19 and Daily Battle 35 also make a return in Hot Fire Scale Canvas. The latter also comes with a two-tone flame leather bell that acts as a keychain or bag charm which you can remove and use on its own.

Get ready to embrace the spirit of the dragon with Fauré Le Page, as the Dragon Scale collection swoops into the brand’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

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