Reset Skin With Dior’s Exclusive L’Or De Vie Le Ceremonial 2022 Vintage

Dior L’Or De Vie Le Ceremonial 2022 VintagePHOTO COURTESY OF DIOR

Dior’s ultra-exclusive L’Or de Vie Le Ceremonial intensive skin rejuvenating ritual makes its annual return with this 2022 Vintage. The emblematic skincare protocol is part of the maison’s most luxurious L’Or de Vie skincare range. It’s not only dedicated to skin’s longevity and radiance, but is also backed by 30 years of research.

The product formulation showcases grapes from the legendary Château d’Yquem vineyard in Bordeaux, France, whose wine is famous for its exceptional longevity. More Dior-exclusive ingredients include the Yquem vine sap and ferment. Together with Golden Drop Longevity Technology, they form a potent antioxidant action.

L’Or De Vie Le Ceremonial 2022 VintagePHOTO COURTESY OF DIOR

Annually, a new vintage renews the L’Or De Vie Le Ceremonial. Like a bottle of fine wine, the intensive treatment with anti-ageing and restorative properties ensures skin gets better with age. It infuses skin with exceptional antioxidants to swiftly rejuvenate skin cells while restoring collagen production. The result is a younger and healthier-looking mien.

Designed as a one-month protocol, each limited and numbered edition comprises three 30 ML golden bottles of skincare. Accompanying them is a white jade gua sha tool to aid application and maximise the benefits of the serums. Infused with 24-carat gold, the trio of complementary elixirs are truly liquid gold. They form three rituals, with each vial containing a 10-day dose.

Initially, the first ritual works to reboot and detoxify, preparing the skin to maximise the effectiveness of the active ingredients throughout the month. The second then restructures, increasing collagen production to promote skin longevity. Finally, the third seals it all in for skin that is lastingly stronger, more lifted and firmer at the end of the month-long treatment.

Ready to reset skin for the coming year? Priced at SGD4900, the L’Or De Vie La Ceremonial 2022 Vintage is now available exclusively at Dior Beauty boutiques at ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands, as well as counters at Takashimaya Department Store and TANGS at Tang Orchard.

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