Chitose Abe of Sacai’s Cartier Trinity Capule To Launch in Singapore

Cartier Trinity Chitose Abe SacaiPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

Have you been obsessing about getting your hands on the limited-edition Cartier Trinity For Chitose Abe Of Sacai jewellery capsule that launched last year? Here’s your chance, because the one-off collection is dropping next week in Singapore.

Inspired by the timeless simplicity of Cartier’s signature Trinity that debuted in 1924, it sees the iconic three interlaced bands reconstructed in an entirely new way, Sacai-style. The ephemeral line-up also marks one of the extremely rare times the jewellery house has collaborated with a clothing designer.

Cartier Trinity Chitose Abe SacaiPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

Abe’s Trinity rethink extends to six new modular pieces. For starters, look forward to two rings, a bracelet, a choker and a pair of earrings. Last but not least, a versatile creation that doubles as both an earring and a ring. While the new creations retain the prominent trilogy of white, rose and yellow gold, their reinvention forms a new harmony.

In a way that’s similar to Abe’s approach to clothing design, the emphasis is placed on tactility and movement. The innovative creations take on refreshed forms for a different function and position on skin.. The result is a stylish take that gives an illusion of constant motion.

The Cartier Trinity For Chitose Abe Of Sacai collection will be available end-June at Cartier’s Marina Bay Sands boutique in limited quantities. Excited to revisit the way you wear the Trinity? You know what to do.

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