Get Versatile With The New Goyard Conti Pouch


Forget the Senat for a second, because Goyard’s new zip pouch looks set to become a rising favourite. With a 6.5 cm wide base, the Conti Pouch holds plenty of items, and it’s also much more forgiving. No longer will your items bulge awkwardly against the canvas interior.

Coming in a single 24 cm by 22 cm size, the Conti Pouch is reinforced at the top and corners with grained Chevroches calfskin. This leather detailing will match the Goyardine canvas body, giving you a cohesive look for everyday use.

Another benefit is a leather strap at its side, which instantly transforms the Conti Pouch from clutch to wristlet. You can also opt to use it as a bag organiser, as it will fit perfectly within open-top totes like the Anjou and Saint Louis, for example.

The Conti Pouch officially launched in Singapore on 22 May, with all 11 colours currently available. Since the French house did away with differential pricing for classic vs special colours, each pouch comes in at SGD1550, regardless of your colour choice.

This is great news for those who love collecting a specific Goyard shade. Love Burgundy, Green, Orange or perhaps, Yellow? You can take your pick of Goyard’s versatile Conti Pouch at Goyard’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre today.

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