Hermès Has A Fun Two-In-One Accessory With The Monpetitkelly Pendant

Hermès Monpetitkelly PendantPHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS

Looking for a refreshing piece of Hermès fashion jewellery to enter the Lunar New Year in style? Hermès’ Monpetitkelly Pendant certainly makes for a great contender, thanks to the plethora of colours and materials it comes in.

Coming in a trapezoid shape modelled after the beloved bag, it measures 4.1 cm by 3.4 cm. The miniature pendant even has a shiny metallic Kelly closure to complete the look. Hermès styles it as a necklace with the accompanying 70 cm leather cord, but creative individuals might find a dual usage for it.

Due to its miniature proportions, the MonpetitKelly can also be looped multiple times around bag handles, doubling up as a chic bag charm. Just make sure you find a style (colour, material and hardware colour) that matches your bag or vice versa. The result? A swanky duo that will make a conversation starter, for sure.

Prices range from SGD900 to SGD1250 depending, on leather or exotics (such as Niloticus lizard), at Hermès boutiques, and Singapore’s online store. Which Monpetitkelly Pendant have you got your eye on?

For more information, do visit HERMES.com


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