Enjoy A Lifetime Warranty With Bottega Veneta’s Certificate Of Craft

Bottega Veneta 'Certificate Of Craft'PHOTO COURTESY OF BOTTEGA VENETA

Classic designs are meant to withstand the test of time, or so they say. With the latest implementation for its iconic range of handbags, Bottega Veneta shows how it truly backs this saying.

Reinforcing its commitment to care and craftsmanship, the Italian fashion house announces the new ‘Certificate of Craft’. This offers a lifetime warranty and unlimited repairs.

Commencing November 2022, eligible designs get a physical ‘Certificate of Craft’ card that matches the serial number of your handbag. Do note that it only applies to iconic designs like the Cassette and the Pouch, for example. In other words, the certificate may not come with, nor cover, some seasonal interpretations.

Aside from taking a sustainable approach by prolonging the lifespan of handbags, Bottega Veneta also reaffirms the fact that its iconic designs will last for generations to come. Not just for you or your children, but in hopes of eliminating the need for replacements with minimal wear.

Designing with an intent that matches Bottega Veneta’s founding philosophies is current CEO Leo Rongone. He expects that the ‘Certificate of Craft’ will go the extra mile in terms of service, while extending lifespan of Bottega Veneta products.

For more information, do visit BOTTEGAVENETA.com


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