Dior Maison: Find Out How The Toile de Jouy Candles Are Made

Dior Maison Making Of Candles PHOTO COURTESY OF DIOR

Ever wonder what goes into the making of Dior Maison’s coveted Toile de Jouy candles? This peek behind the scenes will help you appreciate the amount of work and artistry that goes into each candle. Here are five things to know about these exceptional scented creations.

Dior Maison Making Of CandlesPHOTO COURTESY OF DIOR

01 – In keeping with wax-making tradition, the candles are meticulously handcrafted. Every step of the painstaking process, from mixing the made-to-measure mineral wax with fragrance oils to slow-casting, is done manually.

02 – The scent? An irresistible hydrangea blend that evokes nature and dawn. Strike a match and let its trail awaken the senses. Delicate notes of citrus, herbs and moss further enhance the singular floral tone to add elegance to any interior.

03 – Each candle comes in a gorgeous vessel, decorated in silkscreened Toile de Jouy in blue, grey and red. In a reinterpretation by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, the house’s signature motif, which once adorned the walls and counters of Christian Dior’s first boutique, now adorns the mouth blown glass pots.

04 – At a specialist atelier in France, artisans apply the contouring print to seamless glass to give the impression of a continuous pattern. This decorative work is a process that requires patience, precision and artisanal savoir-faire. To prolong the sensory experience, the boxes holding the candles also feature the iconic Toile de Jouy pattern to match.

05 – Finally, Dior Maison’s Toile de Jouy candles are available in two sizes. An 8 cm by 10.5 cm single wick small candle (SGD400) offers 60 hours of burn time. The larger 12 cm by 11.5 cm medium candle (SGD750), which packs three wicks, will last for 200 hours.

And if you were wondering, a selection of Dior Maison’s Toile de Jouy candles, as well as other items for the home, are available at the Dior boutique at ION Orchard.

For more information do visit DIOR.com


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