Prada To Host The ‘Who The Bær’ Exhibition At Prada Aoyama Tokyo


Prada isn’t just famous for its chic RTW that will keep you looking sharp and runway-ready all day long. They also recently expanded Pradasphere, which comprises everything from the Prada Timecapsule (limited-edition physical products along with a gift NFT) to Paradoxe ( a new line of fragrances). Then there are special art projects like ‘Who the Bær’.

Created by the British-Japanese artist, Simon Fujiwara, ‘Who the Bær’ is a cartoon personality. What’s interesting is that ‘who’ has no fixed gender or sexuality. Instead, it takes on various interpretations as Fujiwara explores modern-day issues. These range from climate concerns to cultural appropriation, plastic surgery and Pop Art.

First conceptualised in 2020 during the lockdown, Fujiwara continues to explore its coming-of-age narrative. An extensive series of drawings, collages, animations and sculptures will be on display. Each aims to capture the Asian (specifically, Japanese) audience when it officially opens next month.

This is the first time the ‘Who the Bær’ exhibition is open to the public in Asia, following its debut show at Fondazione Prada in Milan. Which is good news for those planning to travel there, especially with further easing of travel restrictions coming soon.

The exhibition will be located within Prada’s Tokyo Aoyama flagship, a landmark within itself. In other words, perfect for an extra spot of shopping before (or after) visiting ‘Who the Bær’, which kicks off on 15 October 2022.

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