Stand Tall With Loewe’s Wedge Rubber Sandal

Loewe Wedge Rubber SandalsPHOTO COURTESY OF LOEWE

Loewe’s got a new pair of sandals that’s comfy and chunky at all the right places. Known as the Wedge Rubber Sandal, this sassy pair has a 6.7 cm heel to keep you elevated at all times.

For a dramatic oversize effect, Loewe embosses its logo on its sides and insole. A jelly-like material (actually rubber) makes up the entire sandal. So you can be sure that it stays lightweight (+1 for comfort) and will not weigh you down despite its chunky size.

Also, the Wedge Rubber Sandal gains bonus points for being low on maintenance. With its ability to repel water, expect it to stay in pristine condition despite the occasional splash. The reinforced straps and buckle fastening further helps to keep your foot in place.

If you’re wondering about price, the sandals come in at SGD750 a pair, with sizes ranging from 35 to 41. Will it be green, orange or optic white for you? Better yet, how about a pair in each colour?

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