#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 Wet-Weather Rubber Sandals To Slide Into


Singapore’s weather has been rather fickle of late. You never know when a sudden drizzle (or a huge downpour) might catch you off guard when you’re out. In other words, perhaps it’s time you consider switching to these fun rubber option instead.

Not only do they guarantee to repel water without causing long-term damage, but they are also equal parts fashionable. Their simple format lets you slide in and out with ease to boot. Besides, you can’t go wrong with black, so here are five chunky styles to consider.

01Balenciaga Pool Crocs Slide Sandal, SGD805
Balenciaga’s Pool Crocs Slide Sandal comes entirely in lightweight rubber for maximum comfort. Its open-toe format and side cut-outs offer extra breathability as well. Besides the debossing of the BALENCIAGA logo, the chunky 5 mm arch heel also gives a much-welcome height boost. BALENCIAGA

02 – Bottega Veneta Slider, SGD720
Bottega Veneta’s hot take on the rubber clogs is simply known as the Slider. It features the embossing of multiple stripes all over to mimic the brand’s signature intrecciato weave. To ensure ultimate comfort on the go, an ergonomic insole sits within. BOTTEGA VENETA

03Gucci Interlocking G Slide Sandal, SGD800
Coming soon to Gucci boutiques near you, the Interlocking G Slide Sandal is perhaps the chunkiest style amongst the five. The statement-making sole features small rubber treads much like the ones found on driving loafers. This further adds to its charm and appeal, along with the 70s-inspired Interlocking G detail on top. GUCCI

04 – Louis Vuitton Waterfront Mule, SGD935
Louis Vuitton’s Waterfront Mule is the waterproof alternative to its signature leather pool slides. The monogram pattern adds visual interest to the puffy upper, while the expertly crafted anatomic insole provides comfort all around. This colour is referred to as Denim Noir, or in layman’s terms, black. LOUIS VUITTON

05Prada Foam Rubber Mules, SGD945
Prada reinvents the classic sabot with a full foam rubber rendition that aims to wrap perfectly around the entire foot. The wide upper has a smooth, minimal look, save for the emblematic triangle logo. You will be happy to find sizes for both men and women. PRADA

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