Swatch Launches Dragon Ball Z Collaboration That’s Now In Stores


Love Dragon Ball Z and always on a lookout for limited-edition pieces? Well, you can thank the folks at Swatch for upping the game with this new anime-themed collaboration. In total, there will be seven Swatches (what Swatch calls their signature timepieces) launched from 25 August priced from SGD119 to SGD194. Each is designed and named after a famed character in the franchise.

As one of the main protagonists in Dragon Ball Z, Goku will appear in a fiery orange/black combination. His Japanese symbol takes centrestage on the dial. Next up is Cell, a villain featuring its signature greenish hue on the Big Bold watch. Frieza, essentially Goku’s arch-nemesis, appears in a purple/white format.

Then there’s Majin Buu, which comes with his black M logo on the yellow dial. Gohan (Goku’s son) has an electrifying personality, evident in the lightning design all over the strap.  The last two are Vegeta and Kamesennin, with the former depicting Goku’s silhouette on the white dial. The latter sees the funky martial arts master complete with red-rim sunglasses and orange Aloha shirt.

On the hunt for a truly exclusive timepiece? Keep your eyes peeled for the Shenron x Swatch numbered edition which will only be out on 1 October. Taking inspiration from the Divine Dragon, it showcases green dragon scale patterns all over the Big Bold watch.

In the anime, one has to collect all seven Dragon Balls before meeting the Divine Dragon who will grant any wish. Similarly, this collectible timepiece will only launch after all seven Swatches hit the shelves. Clever, no?

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