Rimowa Relaunches Their Iconic Attaché

Rimowa Aluminium AttachéPHOTO COURTESY OF RIMOWA

Hot on the heels of the Original Pilot Silver relaunch, Rimowa reveals the return of the beloved Attaché, the iconic case a Hollywood favourite (frequently seen in spy movies) since the 1960s.

Re-released as the Aluminium Attaché, the sleek compact case sees several tweaks to its vintage-style design. It’s much more minimal-looking this time, with smooth, rounded edges giving it a clean finish. The fully anodised aluminium surface remains relatively simple, save for the embossed groove front and back.

Think of it as an upsized version of the Personal, sans the Rimowa logo and accompanying straps.

Rimowa Aluminium AttachéPHOTO COURTESY OF RIMOWA

Designed to be a briefcase for business, the Aluminium Attaché opens to reveal a matte black interior. A flat pocket and two large gusseted compartments competently hold documents and other essentials. The 41.5 cm by 35 cm case is wide enough to fit a 16-inch laptop as well.

You can carry the Aluminium Attaché via Rimowa’s ergonomic aluminium handle like it was intended. Four aluminium feet keep the case standing upright and protect the base from scratches and the like.

Retailing at SGD2820, the Aluminium Attaché crafted in Köln, Germany currently has a ‘coming soon’ tag. Stay tuned for official word on the launch date in Singapore.

For more information, do visit RIMOWA.com


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