Celine Continues The Mini Trend With A Card Holder On Chain


You’re not the only one beginning to notice a new pattern within Celine’s collections of late. The French fashion house has indeed been gradually offering more miniature styles of its signature bags. This includes the likes of the Besace Triomphe, Triangle and Vanity, all available in teeny-tiny formats now.

This is a good idea if you love the bag’s shape but prefer a miniature option on days you aren’t carrying much. All the better when the price significantly reduces to match the size as well. So go ahead and collect them all, if your budget (and bag wardrobe space) permits.

It’s time to meet Celine’s latest little wonder, the Card Holder On Chain Triomphe (SGD1650). Think of it as the petite version of the Cuir Triomphe flap bag but with a slightly wider bottom. Cute and chic all at once, it measures just 11 cm wide and 8 cm high.

As its name suggests, this nifty accessory will hold your cards and little more. Still, small beauty essentials like a tiny vial of perfume and lip balm will fit, albeit snugly. Just be sure to orient them carefully to maximise the inner workings of this miniature wonder.

For extra versatility, the extra chain strap can be attached (or removed) easily, as you deem fit. This lets you convert it from SLG to mini bag in no time at all.

For more information, do visit CELINE.com


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